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SHREE JAGDAMBA SHUTTERING & SCAFFOLDING has been constantly trying to cater to the needs as per the customer requirement  for the past 4 years. In these 4 years, we have been trying  to set up  strong business channels throughout  Delhi. 

Scaffolding and Shuttering is available on rent and hire for construction of residential, commercial and industrial sites. Construction material for rent, hire include Shuttering Plates, Couplers, Cuplock, Joint Pins, Adjustable jacks, Channels, Props .

Our aim is to provide fast and a transparent communication system, without compromising any delay in service or an compromise in the quality of our services.

Who We Are 

                                     Mr. Sanjay  Soni

Why Us?

We assure our customers that the equipment, processes and methods used for our products are closely monitored in each step. Constant implementation and upgrading or our process and statistical controls assure that our products are true-to-pattern and dimensionally accurate. This guarantees our products are with the properties and dimensions that make it right for its intended use.

  • To enhance customer satisfaction and reduce customer complaints.
  • To improve quality delivery, performance & process capability.
  • To minimize rejection, re-work and wastes.
  • Employee training and development.